Move-out Checklist

The resident must leave the home in the condition the home was in prior to move in. Any damages and alterations that AC Smith Properties must repair after move out will be taken from the deposit per the Lease Agreement.

To help maximize your deposit, AC Smith Properties has provided a move out checklist of frequently seen items:

  • Remove all belongings from the house, garage, and yard

  • Remove wall scuffs with a dry eraser and have any sheetrock damages repaired by a professional

  • Anything larger than a picture nail hole must be repaired

  • Flowerbeds, trees, and bushes must be well manicured (mulched, weeded, trimmed)

  • Replace dead sod/grass

  • Replace broken blinds

  • Replace burned out lights bulbs, a/c filters, and broken window screens

  • Correct any damage caused by pets including holes in the yard, broken fence pickets, chewed up doors/window seals, and blinds

  • Remove satellite dishes from poles

  • Repair any other damages that the resident caused

  • Thoroughly clean the inside and outside of the home; make sure all trash is disposed inside the waste receptacles and taken to the street. Anything not inside the waste receptacle will not be picked up by waste management company and will be charged to resident

AC Smith Properties requires tenants to give the Notice To Vacate in writing per the lease agreement.

  • Scheduling your move-out date on any day other than your Lease End Date requires landlord approval. 

  • No date changes are allowed within 30 days of your scheduled move out date. 

  • Withdrawal of notice for Lease Renewal requires Landlord approval and will incur up to a $500 non-refundable Withdrawal of Notice Fee.